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Taking the first steps to getting a custom design website can seem daunting, but it really needn't be. A website in its most basic form is your online business card. But a website can be so much more. 

In an age where almost everyone has a smart device to hand 24/7 a carefully designed and structured website will allow you to engage with your target audience and generate revenue. Regardless of whether your page is e-commerce or not.

Every website we produce is a custom project so prices will vary based on the functionality required from your site and the number of pages but prices start from £125 for a scrolling homepage with all copy and artwork provided. We build most of our sites to a white label price(without reference to a designer) that will ultimately give you full autonomy of the site on design completion. It is easier than going through a designer every time you want to update a picture or a small detail. We will of course give you a full run down on your site and any advice to help you achieve a smooth transfer of ownership.


Of course if you prefer we can offer an ongoing website running service on a yearly retaining fee but please be awear additional time dedicated to website design will be chargeable at a rounded up hourly rate on top of this fee and billable at the end of each calendar month. 


In both instances however, to ensure that we offer value for money, we allow you to generate your own domain(s), host and add mailboxes to your site all at cost. We do not include these in package prices but simply transfer you a designed site to do with what you wish.

At Devon Food Movement we specialise in hospitality based websites that are designed and built through a wix platform. We pride ourselves on the fact that our website designs are easy to use with efficient structures that maintain a clean look without any loss in functionality. Perfect for both the customer and yourself. So whether you are a complete novice looking to get your project off the ground, looking for a small spruce up on a current wix based site or an experienced trader looking to completely overhaul your current platform for a more targeted and on brand web campaign, we know we will have a solution for you.

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Simply put; everything(and everyone) has the potential to be a brand. A brand is nothing more that in instantaneous and emotive, preconception of a product(or person). 

If you take two seconds to think of a high street company and the kind of products/quality of products that they produce then you are already buying into the idea of branding. It really is that simple.

Now you have a you want to control(or at the very least influence) the rhetoric surrounding your brand? Or do you want to continue to deny it exists and let other people tell your market audience who and what you are.

At Devon Food Movement we know that this is a simple process but can take a long time to perfect. Its not as simple as just telling people what to think. You have to produce emotive responses(hopefully positive ones) surrounding your business. Not only when they stop to think about you in depth, but when they scroll past you, drive past you, glance at you and go to talk about you to others.


As each of our branding, rebranding, PR and marketing clients are so unique in there needs and diverse in their offering, no two approaches will be the same. We suggest giving us a call to talk through your needs during a free consultation. We can then discuss a strategy and get your brand working for you. But dont worry we always start by asking the easy questions first. Things you have a logo? Do you have brand colours? do you have a utopian client? do you really understand how to engage with your client base, or even know who they are? It really is that simple to start with.



Our consultancy services can take many forms and are always tailored to exactly what your business needs. We start all new consulting projects with a free, short telephone conversation with Luke, our founding member, to discuss your potential needs. Luke is the perfect person to talk to regarding your hospitality project as he is a former Development chef then Head chef for a Michelin starred restaurant and comes with a wealth of knowledge and contacts to put a successful plan in place for your business.


After this initial conversation we will send you a proposal email and if you are an existing hospitality business we strongly recommend an onsite market research visit. This will take place as an anonymous visit where we can asses your business in action and further get to understand your needs.

Services we usually offer to clients are;